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Friedrichshafen is located at the shore of Lake Constance (German: Bodensee). It is close to Switzerland and Austria and therefore a famous destination which offers a big diversity of water sports such as sailing trips and ship cruises to Constance for example. There are many sights to explore either on your own or in a guided tour, for example “das Klangschiff” or the nearby castle.

Friedrichshafen: Town of Zeppelins

Friedrichshafen is also known as the Town of Zeppelins. The Zeppelin Museum presents the largest collection of the history and technology of zeppelins worldwide. One of the key aspects of the local business is aerospace. This is the reason why the “Dornier Museum” is placed next to the airport and shows almost 400 exhibits of 100 years of aerospace on an area of 5000qm.

A lively location for trade shows

“Messe Friedrichshafen” regularly plans diverse trade shows and events like the “Motorcycle World Bodensee”, “Classic World Bodensee”, the “Tuningworld Bodensee” and “Eurobike”.

The vivid history of Friedrichshafen

The city which was built around 1811 provides a lot of interesting historical facts. It is an association of the medieval imperial town called Buchhorn and the abbey Hofen. So the roots of Friedrichshafen go back to 838.
Social participation is an important virtue of Friedrichshafen: Since 1996 the citizens are working on the documentary of historical buildings and locations and already put up 50 plates which tell the story of Friedrichshafen. You can explore the town in a one-hour walk and look behind the scenes of this historical imperial town.

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